The Spokane Song by Jewel

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The Spokane Song by Jewel – June 24, 2010 – Knitting Factory What city can offer the great outdoors And access to 33 golf courses of course Spokane can yeah Spokane can When other cities can’t can’t can’t Spokane can If you like shopping at all Head to the River Park Square Mall Or in the Riverfront park You can ride rides till after dark What city can boast 76 lakes Or a Cherry Festival for pies to bake Spokane can yeah Spokane can When other cities can’t can’t can’t Spokane can Or if you want some local cheer Head to the Blue Door Theatre Or if you’re into rarities and you want to see ‘em Go to Carr’s One of A kind in the World Museum What town can offer good city planning yet Still let you go wide water rafting Spokane can yeah Spokane can When other cities can’t can’t can’t Spokane can If you’re outdoorsy but you still want to work it This is the place for you, it’s near nature near perfect Or if you want to get above it all You can take a gondola over Spokane Falls What town can claim world class fishing Or world class learning at Gonzaga University Spokane can yeah Spokane can When other cities can’t can’t can’t Spokane can

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17 Responses to The Spokane Song by Jewel

  1. dwcdaid says:

    The most scenic photos were taken in Idaho. I guess that’s where the “near nature, near perfect” line comes from.

  2. MorganMagnus says:

    @misternastytyme Yeah we have all four seasons; they’re just different than other places’. Ours are Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.

  3. cobyson100 says:

    @twelvedaysgone YOU MEAN…if you AGREE you haven’t travelled AT ALL

  4. cobyson100 says:

    most poorly managed city in Eastern Washington…like a 3rd world nation with it’s destroyed roads in the Winter, etc. At least the Tri-Cities keeps there roads pothole free..

  5. twelvedaysgone says:

    Spokane really is beautiful….if you don’t agree then you haven’t traveled much. I love it here.

  6. ingeniusperson says:

    @misternastytyme lol dude ive lived in the worst places in spokane my WHOLE life so of course id think it was a big shithole

  7. misternastytyme says:

    @ingeniusperson come on now!!! it has all four seasons and the falls are krazy in the spring!!! i was born in spokane and i lived all over the country and there is nothing lyke this shit hole town!!! loves it here!!!

  8. 19971231000 says:

    @ingeniusperson it looks that nice on nice days but ive also lived there all my life and life sucked there for me.i miss the views and all my friends and family there

  9. ingeniusperson says:

    im srry but spokane does NOT look this fuckin good, seriously this place is such a huge shithole ive lived here my whole life especially n the bad parts i fuckin hate it here

  10. sdspokane says:

    imin 4th grad

  11. sdspokane says:

    i love spokane schools and every things

  12. Pecky211 says:

    Great Lyrics, thanks for the laughs. Posted in As The Lake Churns Priest Lake

  13. kbaldwin57 says:

    Hi – The American Orff-Schulwerk Association will have their Professional Development Conference in Spokane November 3-6, 2010. How can I obtain permission to embed this into our AOSA website?

  14. deviousli says:

    @LynsWins, you win.

    Thanks for the shout-out anyway, Jewel!

  15. LynsWins says:

    Aw Jewel, the song was great until you mispronounced Gonzaga! Zag like bag!

  16. Seattlemk1 says:

    cool songs and good pictures

  17. Ronski1974 says:

    What a fun song, very cool that she did this!

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