The yarn is thick calls for large hook. Any pattern suggestions?

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3 Responses to Crochet people: I have Red Heart Baby Cloud yarn. Is it good for blankets, what size hook? Any ideas? Thanks?

  1. Teal_Guillemot says:

    I always use I or K for afghans, just cause they are quick to work with and work great with thick yarn. Here is my favorite afghan pattern, I’ve made several for baby gifts. It’s great in varigated yarn.

  2. mz_criztale says:

    My mom owns her own craft business so I thought she’d be the right one to ask. She said that Red Heart is a really good yarn and that you can make anything with it including blankets. She also said try using a size G Hook (Basic size hook). Pattern suggestions she said she had a lot (and this I know) it just depends on what you’re into. Have fun!

  3. patches says:

    Here are links to several free patterns for crocheted baby afghans, baby blankets. You can use any brand or weight of yarn with these patterns (just adjust the size of hook you use to match the weight of yarn you’re using). If you use the same starting chain as the pattern calls for and you use a thicker yarn than the pattern example, the blanket will turn out wider than the pattern example (if you don’t want it to be wider, you can always figure out how many stitches there are in each repeat of the pattern and then subtract from the starting chain – you’ll just be doing less repeats across the row then).

    These patterns have extra photos with close-up looks at the stitches to help in crocheting the patterns –
    Easy Lacy Afghan Pattern For Lapghan or Baby Blanket
    Baby Blanket In Shells and Clusters – on this pattern page, click Next under the photo to see the next photo with close-ups of the stitches used. The pattern is easier than it looks, especially with the photos showing step-by-step.

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